AERO Sustainable Material Technology is enhancing the offer for customer, dealership and OEMs by offering dealership-level contrast roof options with a unique film coating. The application was requested by a customer of  Germain Jaguar Land Rover, who wanted to further distinguish the appearance of their Jaguar F-Pace. Contrast roofs are not currently offered by the factory due to the manufacturing constraints of traditional spray paint lines. But AERO’s unique film-based system, which can be stretched and easily applied at room temperature makes it possible for a sleek and efficient contrast roof to be installed. 

AERO made it possible for us to provide additional value to our customer, which is good for our dealership and for Jaguar” said Austin Germain, General Manager – Germain Jaguar Land Rover. “Our customer selected a gloss black roof, which provided a unique contrast against the factory white finish of their Jaguar” added Germain. “The ability to customize without compromising on quality or sustainability is the pinnacle of luxury, which for us—a luxury automotive dealer—is a massive competitive differentiator.”

AERO Sustainable Material Technology is also revolutionizing contrast roof capabilities in traditional assembly line processes. Spray paint lines are large, resource-intensive and ultimately create massive throughput lag. “Painting a car, masking, bagging, painting again for contrast roof, then de-masking, de-bagging, and then clear coating is a zero-profit game for luxury brands who use traditional spray paint” stated AERO CEO Jim McGuire. “With AERO, that capability is drastically reduced, without any environmental impact. The ease of application of AERO means that luxury OEMs can even push this capability to the dealer and increase their posture as aspirational brands.”