High-performance, planet-friendly paint film.

Zero carbon emissions • Zero VOCs • Zero water usage • Zero solvents • Zero PVC • Zero carbon emissions • Zero VOCs • Zero water usage • Zero solvents • Zero PVC •

Key benefits

AERO contains zero PVC, zero solvents, and is virtually VOC free. In application it uses zero water and emits zero carbon. It requires no primer, overspray or clear coat.

AERO is 100% recyclable. Its favorable environmental footprint also requires less regulation, which reduces associated costs of compliance, including abatement and reporting costs.

Thin doesn’t begin to describe it. At 50 microns in its final form, AERO delivers unparalleled performance. Because graphics are embedded within AERO paint film, there’s less drag. Less drag translates into fuel savings for any business that puts a fleet of vehicles on the road every morning.

AERO weighs less, because it simply requires less to do the job. The AERO paint film system is a one-coat process. Its ultra lightweight properties result in greater performance, as well as cost savings by reducing fuel usage.

AERO offers zero design limitations, with the ability to precisely match any colour with great depth. There are options for gloss, matte and metallic finishes.

AERO has incredible longevity, environmental resistance, scratch protection, and chip protection. It’s even capable of holding carbon fibre together and containing shrapnel in the event of an accident.

AERO has the ability to embed electronics for advanced civilian and military wireless applications, allowing for unlimited flexibility while maintaining a single adhesive product for installation purposes.

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