AERO Offshore

Wilbur Yachts have been building Maine-style yachts for 40 years. There’s been plenty of innovation in that time, but one thing has always stayed the same. Whether they’re building a brand-new yacht or refreshing an old one, the paint job is always done by a subcontractor offsite.


Time to do things differently

When a customer brought in a boat with a little wear and tear on its hull, Wilbur Yachts prepped it. Then we installed AERO. The boat didn’t need to leave the workshop once.

Integrating AERO into Wilbur Yacht’s workshop environment couldn’t have been smoother. Installation took two and a half days and was done around the refit schedule, so there was no disruption to the overall work timeframe. The quality of the finish was faultless: the boat’s hull looked as good as new.


Keeping everything in-house

The front end costs of AERO Offshore are very low, and the speed, quality and adaptability it brings makes painting on-site a real possibility. This is big for boat builders because it adds another dimension to their business offering