The new Land Rover Defender has been awarded 2021 World Car Design of the year.

There are few vehicles that can claim to be a true motoring icon. The Land Rover Defender is one of them. With our shared values of innovation and responsible design, AERO is proud to have played a significant part in the Defender’s journey.


A finish as tough as the vehicle

Jaguar Land Rover’s ambition was to offer a satin-matte exterior finish as well as an option of a contrast roof for the new Defender. Matte finishes are notoriously hard to achieve. Some paints compromise the durability of the finish, leading to smudging, glossing, staining and degradation.

In contrast, AERO satin-matte paint film has a matte finish by design. No additives are needed. This has enabled JLR to deliver their ideal finish, complete with AERO’s ultra-durability and self-healing properties, while reducing their environmental impact.

A contrast solution 6x faster

With multiple contrast color options on offer, the chief problem is their integration into the assembly line. ‘Down-time’ for a contrast roof takes four hours on average, with the knock-on effects hugely expensive. An AERO contrast roof and bonnet can be completed in just 40 minutes. This not only provides a positive ripple effect right across the assembly line, but also enables a far more sustainable and innovative solution for the design and production processes, ultimately enhancing JLR’s competitiveness in the luxury market.


14 months from intro to expo

Within 14 months of our introduction to JLR, AERO featured at the Frankfurt Automotive Show on the Discovery SVX as a bespoke printed graphic. The following year, after close collaboration, AERO was successfully ‘signed off’ on the new Defender 90. And today, the partnership continues – supporting JLR’s aim of delivering responsibly on their strategy of modern luxury by design.