Matching Mazda’s legendary Soul Red

With its unique mix of translucence and depth of color, Mazda’s Soul Red four-stage metallic paint is stunning to look at. It’s also exponentially more difficult to produce and apply on a large scale. As a result, it’s nearly impossible to implement in production.


From perfecting color to producing at scale

Nearly impossible doesn’t mean completely impossible though: we built a custom-color programme and matched the famous Mazda color within 1 Δ – meaning it’s impossible for the human eye to perceive any difference. We then rapidly scaled up to production levels for Mazda Team Joest.

A paint film that performs from start to finish

Matching the color perfectly and scaling up to production were big challenges. But paint film also needs to perform. AERO’s Soul Red livery is designed to withstand the most extreme endurance races on the planet. From start to finish, it does not dim.


Our livery takes its place in history

Mazda were so impressed, that a Joest DPi sporting AERO’s Soul Read livery was retired into their prestigious corporate collection. There it will remain, shining as a major milestone in Mazda’s rich history of innovation.