A custom color for Sargo Boats

Our AERO Offshore team have been working closely with SARGO Boats of Finland for several years now, providing their customers with a marine paint technology that’s environmentally sustainable with zero toxic waste, and a super high-quality finish.


A smarter solution 

In 2018 a long-time customer of SARGO had ordered a new boat, and construction was well under way, when he decided he would like a custom color for the hull.

With the boat near completion, the customer wanted the new color applied quickly, without moving the boat, and using sustainable materials.

Our partnership meant SARGO Boats could offer the customer the option of AERO Offshore in their requested custom gray, in the SARGO factory. The customer enthusiastically agreed.

Painting without waiting

With the boat nearly completed on the factory floor, one of the great benefits of AERO is that the installation team could apply AERO Offshore while the SARGO team simultaneously completed the installation of final equipment, meaning zero lag times.

Indeed, the total time from the beginning of AERO Offshore’s installation to the boat’s factory sea trial was just three days! The new SARGO, with its custom-gray AERO Offshore paint, was delivered to its owner in Florida and he was thrilled with the results.